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About John: Discography: Summertime in California, 2008

Summertime In California; John McGaraghan & Lee Simpson, 2008

In early July of 2006, I got together with former King Harvest bandmate Lee Simpson for a week in Chico. The summer heat, the cool river water, and the energy of the road mixed together with some good old fashioned pickin'. Within a few days, we wrote several songs together, and re-arranged some classic old numbers out of both of our catalogs. With a bunch of mics up in the room, and a rack full of guitars, "Summertime In California" is a stripped down, honest, and unadulturated chronicle of 3 days in the studio. To us, it just sounds like summertime in California. And that's a good sound...

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JOHN MCGARAGHAN & LEE SIMPSON: Summertime In California
  1. Those Old Times
  2. Bluegum Hornpipe (Simpson, McGaraghan)
  3. Dairn Dicca Dairn (Shasta's Song) (Simpson)
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Big Sky
  6. Jesse (Simpson)
  7. Summertime In California (McGaraghan, Simpson)
  8. Simple (Simpson, McGaraghan)
  9. Blossom (Simpson)

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Except where noted, this music is copyrighted by John McGaraghan and published by SongWood (ASCAP). Bluegum Hornpipe, Simple, and Summertime In California, are copyrighted by John McGaraghan and Lee Simpson, and published by SongWood (ASCAP) and blacklight garden (ASCAP). Dairn Dicca Dairn, Jesse, and Blossom, are copyrighted by Lee Simpson, published by blacklight garden (ASCAP). All songs are provided here free of charge on a limited license. Commercial use of any of the audio or lyrics provided herein without express permsission is strictly forbidden. Sharing with your friends is strongly encouraged.

Cover photo by Christopher Bruno, used by permission under a creative commons license.

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