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About John: Discography: Grow, 1996

Grow; Oversoul, 1996

Visit www.cdbaby.com/cd/oversoulmusic to purchase your copy of Grow while supplies last, or purchase mp3 downloads through snocap on the music page.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Spider In Us (matthews)
  3. Two Eternities
  4. Grow (waight)
  5. Don No One
  6. Serenity (matthews / mcgaraghan)
  7. MustBe On My Way
  8. Dawn Of Discovery

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This music is all copyrighted by John McGaraghan, SongWood (ASCAP), except Spider In Us, Grow, and Serenity. It is provided here for free on a limited license. Commercial use of any of the audio or lyrics provided herein without express permsission is strictly forbidden. Sharing with your friends is strongly encouraged.

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