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About John: Links

Over the years, I've learned a lot and made a ton of friends--use the links below to learn more about them.

Bands / Musicians
  • The Skinny - myspace.com/skinnystrings
    A wonderful new-timey, alt-bluegrass band featuring my brother Mike, Tanya Brown, and Koralie Hill. Everyone plays several instruments, sings, and writes songs, and the shows are a hoot. I get to tag along and throw some mandolin into the mix every now and again...

  • Hot Buttered Rum String Band - www.hotbutteredrum.net
    Featuring Oversoul band mates Zac Matthews (mandolin) and Bryan Horne (contrabass), HBRSB is taking the acoustic jam scene by storm!
  • Chris Haugen - www.chrishaugen.net
    Chris is a long time friend and collaborator. We met when he was playing with Jambay, and he has since moved on to touring with a wide variety of big names. Most recently we've been working on some songs for Kate Gaffey and Larkin Gayl.
  • Jill and Steve Pierce (Music for Children) - www.musicforchildrenca.com
    Jill and Steve are incredible artists, and also run a series of music classes for young children, teaching kids fundamentals of ryhthm, melody, and expression, to develop true "musical intelligence" from an early age. Can't say enough about them, their music, and their classes.
  • Lee Simpson - www.leesimpson.net
    A King Harvest band mate and now solo musician. Lee and I have been songwriting and performance collaborators for many years.
  • Sfunk - www.sfunk.com
    A San Francisco based groove and funk band featuring Tim Fisher, drummer from my high school band, Unbroken Chain. Tim also did a tour with King Harvest when we were between official drummers.
  • 7th Day Buskers - www.7thdaybuskers.com
    San Diego Americana roots favorites!
  • Transfer - www.transferband.com
    Reincarnation of 10 Pound Brown, one of King Harvest's old tour buddies!
  • Rosin Coven - www.rosincoven.com
    Because everyone loves Pagan Lounge Music!
  • Oasis CD Manufacturing - www.oasiscd.com
    Not exactly an "Equipment" manufacturer, but the greatest CD Replication and support company around, hands down. A pleasure to work with, and great product!
  • Taylor Guitars - www.taylorguitars.com
    I've been playing my 1991 Taylor 410RW (Rosewood back and sides) since it was new. Bob Taylor and his company have joined the big leagues now (and were just breaking in back then), and I can't say enough good things about this instrument and his whole product line.
  • Collings Guitars - www.collingsguitars.com
    In 2000, I bought a Collings SJ (small jumbo) and I didn't put it down for a month. Bill Collings is a miracle worker.
  • Speck Electronics - www.speckelectronics.com
    I use the Speck channel strip both in my studio rig and as a DI / preamp for my acoustic when I perform.
  • Audio Technica - www.audiotechnica.com
    AT makes great mics. Other stuff too, but I have their mics, and I love every one -- 4050, 4051, and Pro37. You can't beat the price, and you won't believe your ears.
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