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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets: Midnight Run to Baja

-- Lyrics: John McGaraghan
-- Music: John McGaraghan

Babe, I've got the travelling bug
the wanderlust ... Baja or bust!
It's coursing through me like a drug
like breezes stirring up the dust

behind the wheel on a midnight run to baja
seems as good a place as any I could be tonight

Honey all you need to pack
is a sleeping bag, and a washing rag
honey, put the dog in back of the station wagon

I know my spanish ain't so good
but i'm sure we'll get along just fine
cause i know how to order food and tequila if it suit the mood

The cactus stand like monuments
and the stars stare while we cound the miles
tumbleweeds bounce off the tent and i have to smile

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