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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets: Who You Lovin'?

-- Lyrics: John McGaraghan
-- Music: Chris Haugen

I took one last look at the number on the matchbook
that fell out of the pocket of the jeans you wear to town
and I ain't got the stomach for another night in Lubbock
with my mother asking why you ain't around

So I thumbed a ride to Chester, hopped a train to take me Wester,
and brought along a bottle for to keep me company
And that old steam whistle wails above the rattle of the rails
while a chorus of your lies sing harmony

Who you lovin' tonight?
Who you lovin' tonight?
Out of love, out of time, out of mind, out of sight
Who you lovin' tonight?

I came home dead tired, six days gone and still half wired
To find the house was empty, you were nowhere to be found
Shock swelled into anger, I took too long back from Bangor,
You left me all alone and whiskey-bound.

So there I stood a'crying, something deep inside me dying
'cause you'd gone off a'packin, leaving nothing much behind
A pair of fake eyelashes and a number on some matches,
and a big old burning question in my mind


Now I'm sleeping with my sorrow, tell my secrets to tomorrow,
I give my faith to Jesus and to sour mash my mind
I whisper to the wind and call the road my only friend,
and the rhythm of the raindrops mark the time.

So now it's lonesome living, which is somewhat more forgiving
There's no one to catch you cheatin' or to catch cheatin' on you
no one to call you honey or to waste your hard earned money
no one to wonder who you're talkin' to

no one to hold you tighter, no one wrong to make you righter,
and no one to left to blame except for you.


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