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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets: A Seed to Sow

-- Lyrics: John McGaraghan
-- Music: John McGaraghan

Walking down a weary road in Kathmandu
Reading what my brother wrote, and I heard in a voice I knew
saying "We're to wed in June",
and I say "None too soon!"
'Cause I know you've been tried and tested true

And I know inside
that this love will serve to be my guide
and lead my way

I've waited long for this day, for my hope to turn real
I know of no other way to tell you how I feel
'Cause I can't find words to say the things
A muse was meant to play
And I don't have to hide those words away

'Cause I'm filled up with pride
At my brother's chance to take this bride
and make this day . . .
A lesson to us all
About how love can fall
And after the fall the love can grow
and show us all a seed that we can sow

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