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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets: Save It For Another Day

-- Lyrics: John McGaraghan
-- Music: John McGaraghan

verse 1:
I have been to the high country
And I have seen what mountain air can do
I have walked through the bottom lands
And I have worn holes in my shoes
I've been around the block
And this aint the first time
That I have thrown my trust away on you

verse 2:
I have travelled the whole world over
It's surprising what a country boy can do
I have walked the highway at midnight
And found the flaws in what I thought was true
I've been across the seas
And this aint the last time
Cause I'll keep pushing on 'till I get through

There's a time and a place for making music
And there's a name and a face to the one who let you fall from grace
I like to think there's a reason for everything I do
But sometimes when it's pleasin', and when the pain is easin'
You just turn your eyes and look away
You just save it for another day.

verse 3:
I have run across the desert
I have felt the cool wind in my hair
And I have seen the sun at its brightest
And I have turned my eyes into the glare
I have lost my mind
And I have thought too many times
That maybe you had love enough to share

verse 4:
I've gone dancing with the devil
And done a turn with angels who weren't there
But I will keep my pace and I'll stay in the race
And I will do some things you wouldn't dare
But I have mispoken
and I have been broken
And I have learned to live and not to care

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