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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets: Emmanuel!

-- Lyrics:
-- Music:

Verse 1:
I head up 88, stop in Jackson for some pie,
Park it in the diner at the counter on the right.
Waiting on a waitress, and I'm talking to a guy
about the storm that's due tomorrow night.

Verse 2:
I hit the road again, and I've got mountains on my mind.
The air up here is thin and clear, high above the coast.
I'm nearly up the hill when that transmission starts to grind --
my pea-green Rambler's giving up the ghost.

Verse 3:
Make the summit, and hoof it hard from Carson pass,
Take the razor back to Round Top, chasing white tail across the scree.
A golden eagle wheels; bears below us on the grass --
I'm on fire and I'm on bended knee.

I pray that I don't die before I wake.
I see the face of God reflected in the moonlight on the lake,
stretch my arms out wide and turn my face up to the sky
and lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"
I lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"

Verse 4:
I got up early, chased a ghost down Highway One;
half a day from Morro Bay, pulling me south.
Big Sur River -- her January banks are overrun.
We're wild, and foaming at the mouth

Verse 5:
Fog is lifting, and the day is almost done.
Shadows of the mile markers turning back the years.
Knee deep in the breakers, the horizon meets the sun --
it lights a fire and disappears.

I pray I that I live life before I've died
and feel the force of nature in the turning of the tide.
I stretch my arms out wide and turn my face up to the sky,
and lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"
Lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"
Lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"
Lift my voice and cry "Emmanuel!"

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