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Subject:John McG News (and lots of it!)

Hi everyone,
It's been quite a while since I wrote, and I've got a lot to share!

New Album: I spent a week in Chico this summer with my old friend and King Harvest bandmate Lee Simpson ( We passed the time hiking, writing songs, swimming in the river, and setting up a studio at his house. We started recording some of the stuff we'd been working on (and some old songs) to get the equipment all tested, and before we new it we had a whole album! "Summertime In California" is currently being mixed and mastered, and will be hitting the shelves (physical and digital, via Amazon and CDBaby) later in the year. You can get a preview of the cover art and listen to mp3s of the rough mixes here.

New Songs: I've been writing a ton of new tunes! Some of them didn't make it to the new album, but you can check them out on my site. Visit the downloads page to read lyrics and listen to mp3s of "I'm Not Easy," "Down," and come back soon for the forthcoming recording of "The Spaces Between." While you're there, check out the recording of my brother Mike's dynamite tune "North Country Fall."

Live Show: I'm pleased to announce my first scheduled show in quite a while! I'll be at A Cuppa Tea in the north Rockridge neighborhood of Berkeley (3200 College Ave, at Alcatraz) from 7-9 pm on Friday, October 13th. It's a great little tea/coffee house with cozy couches and a relaxed, living room feel. It'll be a great place for me to trot out some of these new songs, and to try to remember all my old stuff... I'll also be doing some collaborations with other folks, including my brother Mike, which is exciting! It's free, early, and all ages, so come on out and bring the kids.

See you soon,

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