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Subject:Web Site Updates

It's been a while since I wrote, so I wanted give you all an update. I have now officially moved from San Diego to Berkeley, and I'm loving Northern California (again...). I am especially enjoying being back around a lot of my old musical companions, and playing some open mics at the old stomping grounds. I've even been writing and recording a little bit...

On that topic, there are some significant changes to the web site that you all might be interested. I've exposed nearly every recording that I've ever made -- and adding more every day, including a brand new song, "Morning Lullaby"--written and recorded right here in Berkeley in August -- for free download on the web site. Stop by and check it out! In addition, I've added a bunch of new lyric sheets, photo galleries from shows I've played, and even a video from a DVD of Acoustic Alliance 6. There's a flash-based player that has a few albums available for streaming (with cover art, lyrics, and song notes embedded in the player). There is even a section where you can view set lists of past shows.

I hope you enjoy all the new stuff on the site -- please let me know if any of these new features aren't working properly so I can get them fixed asap. I hope to see you at a show soon...


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