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Subject:John McG with The Skinny

After a couple months off to recuperate from my shoulder surgery, I'm finally back in action!

On Saturday February 23rd, I'll be joining the Skinny on mandolin, dobro, guitar, and vocals at San Francisco's legendary Hotel Utah (4th and Bryant St.). We're opening for the band Pirate Radio as part of a birthday celebration, music & open mic extravaganza. Come at 9:30 p.m. to see The Skinny, and bring your own performing talents to take a turn at the microphone! The Utah has an excellent selection of beer and GREAT burgers, so come in time for dinner, and bring a friend!

The Skinny is a knee-slapping, tear-jerking, foot-stomping trio playing traditional folk and bluegrass sounds, combining sweet harmonies with dobro, banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, accordion, ukelele and the occasional bass line, pulling you in until you want to pick up anything that makes noise and play along. Music, photos, and more info at

Finally, if you haven't been to in a while, swing by and take a listen to some of the new songs, which are all free as usual.

See you there!

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