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Schedule: Set Lists: 04/16/2010 at House Concert

Setlist for: Friday, 04/16/2010 at House Concert

Song Notes
1. SET I  
2. Long Ride Home (Patty Griffin) 
3. Lost Along The Way  
4. Back to the Garden  
5. Down  
6. I'm Not Easy  
7. You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor) 
8. My Kind of Girl  
9. On Down The Road ** with Mike McGaraghan on Dobro 
10. SET II ** with Mike McGaraghan on Guitar and Dobro 
11. Transplant Song (Tim Bluhm) 
12. North Country Fall  
13. Look at Miss Ohio (by Gillian Welch)  
14. Ass Out (In the Wind)  
15. Did Yer Time  
16. Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams) 
17. Big Sky  
18. Doreen (Old 97s) 
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