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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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song title:Forge
date: 1995-00-00
song notes:A song about a UCSD groundskeeper

Verse 1:
He's got coke bottle spectacles, a dirty painter's cap
Bristle chin and droopy blues, he swings a steel pick axe
hanging from scaffolding or wading in a pond
establishing connections and he's strengthening the bonds

and i keep
searching for the crumbled wall to make amends
leveling the hills and straightening the bends
I roam the grounds with a paintbrush in my hand
touching up libidos and forging us a brand new soul

He's a honky looking greaser and he's always on the prowl
an arsenal of rakes and brooms and brandishing a trowel
caretaking and maintenance to cover up a sin
working on the outside and avoiding what's within


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