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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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song title:The Devil and I
date: 1998-02-00
song notes:A dark bluegrass tune about facing demons

Well I cried, cried, cried along each mile of my ride
I left years ago, but still no end in sight
and I tried, tried, tried to keep my eyes open wide
but as the sun went down again I saw my sign
as the yellow rose of texas bloomed before me
I saw a fire in the sky .. high ..
and as I fly, fly, fly from this fate that won't ignore me
I wish I'd looked the devil in the eye

All around, round, round broken dreams and fate befell me
they remind me of the things that passed me by
where I'm bound, bound, bound I don't know and you can't tell me
and I may not reach my end before I die
up on this high and lonesome highway that I wander
I hear the old home call to me
going down, down, down to the place that I remember
it just doesn't look the way it used to be
i'm sure I don't look the way I used to be
I know I ain't half the man I used to be

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