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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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song title:Sunshine
date: 1993-01-01
song notes:One of Oversoul's first and greatest tunes

(instrumental intro.)

Sunshine, light my day
Sunshine, shine my way

Sunshine, making me feel fine
Sunshine, keep on shining

Mornings I wake up to clouds alone,
but the cold wind, lord, it chills me to the bone.
Now you�re across the country gone your own way,
Sunshine, send some sunshine down my way.
Sunshine send some sunshine my way

Dreams of Sunshine get me through the night,
but I wake up cold with no Sun on my side.
Memories, they get me through the day,
Sunshine send some sunshine down my way.
Sunshine, send some sunshine my way.

Oh, the candle burning crimson,
Oh, the future coming true.
All I ever wanted was inside of you....
To share the air and laugh and drink my wine with you.
To share the air and, Sunshine, laugh and drink my wine with you.

Sunshine send some sunshine down my way.....

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