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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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song title:Just The Same
date: 1998-02-01

verse 1:
I'm gonna cross . . . . cross the river wide;
cross . . . . to the other side.
But if I fail to make it there,
I know at least I tried

verse 2:
I heard . . . . I thought I heard you say
a word . . . . to me the other day.
And if you care to take a dare,
I'll meet you half the way.

Naked underneath the desert sun
I can see through your armour
and I know we could be one.
And when we can find some peace of mind,
we can live out on the run

verse 3:
I rode . . . . out on the dusty plain.
I know . . . . you've heard my high and lonesome strain.
But where ever you may hide,
I hope I won't search in vain.
And whatever road you ride,
you know I'll love you just the same.
You know I'll love you just the same.
Just the same...

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