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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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song title:Blow Through
date: 1992-07-15
song notes:One of my first songs to break out of conventional chords and arrangements

Clear, bright water laughing along,
deep into the night.
Nipping at our shoeless feet
with fragile grace and might.
Cool breeze blows along the beach,
singing through your hair.
Your hand it gently squeezes mine
out in the warm night air.
A thought of you can light a fire,
while outside warm rain pours.
Your eyes reflect desire;
just a smile from you can open doors,
your smile will open many doors.

Blow now clear, oh and blow now through.
If you can't be upon our backs,
we'll turn and walk with you.
Though mountains separate us,
recall the ocean blue,
And blow until the coming of the morning dew.
Blow through...

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