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song title:Leaving Myself Behind
date: 1997-09-01

verse 1:
I used to have a time, my blue eyes going blind.
I used to live a lie, I couldn't feel the weight upon my mind.
I'd write a song and then, I'd sing it to be kind.
I didn't understand I could be leaving myself and you behind
And now I'm staring in the eyes of time that's gone,
afraid to face it, now, not knowing what went wrong...
...Can you tell me what went wrong?

verse 2:
You used to look at me, your blue eyes turned to green,
and I would get so angry when I thought you couldn't read the lines between.
I never meant to cause you any pain or make a scene,
I didn't understand my Mr. Nice Guy had turned to mean.
Now in a fit of blue, I come back on my knees,
ashamed to look at you and fearing what you'll see...
...I hope that you'll see me.

Oh, stuck in an eddy again,
and I can't win.
Oh, stuck in my mind again,
and I can't swim.
Oh, and I can't swim.

verse 3:
And now I'm packing all these bags and moving on,
but starting over doesn't ever bring you back the time you've blown
On my way to Nashville, now, I can feel the fear is gone.
Picking up, I'm off to find the dream that has eluded me so long.
I finally figured out that nothing comes to those who wait,
but good things come to people who stand up and grasp their fate.
I'm hoping you'll come with me now, God knows I need a mate.
I'm lookinf gor a piece of what's been mine and there to take...
...I hope I'm not too late.

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