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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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The Weight Of The World

verse 1:
As our love grows strong,
so do all the little things that I did wrong.
ĎCause nothing cuts as deep as truth and love and rain.
Itís just that I donít want you now to feel the pain.
If I told you it was over Iíd be lying,
but when I say I love you know Iím trying
to take back all the weight Iíve laid upon you.
You didnít even feel the pack, and now what I remove may break your back.

verse 2:
You say you love me, and baby, I believe you think you do.
You say you really need me, oh and babe I need you too.
But as the lines of age draw boundaries all around us,
fences will appear when truth has found us.
Iím not saying that our love canít grow,
itís just that thereís much more that you should know...
...I'm telling you that I think thereís much more that you should know.

verse 3:
Apologies come quickly but the wounds they take their time.
And though you cannot trust me now, I humbly offer mine.
Without the weight of all my lies, I know that you will rise.
But donít again be blinded by the stars behind your eyes.
ĎCause you canít support the weight of this world, no matter how you try.
And if life should lead you through my always open door,
I swear thereíll never be a time when you should have known more.

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