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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Walk Away

Verse 1:
It 's been a long, long stretch of highway
Far across the misty mountains to the ocean's shore
I drank a thousand pints in taverns I found along my way
I sat and drank and listened and I learned the minstrels' lore

Verse 2:
It 's been a long, long road from nowhere
Far across the nothingness into the dying sun
Dead dreams are no comfort to hungry vultures in the area
When, when will we see what we have done

When, when, when will we see what we've become
when seperate souls are one
you just pick up your gun and walk away
When, when, when will we slip behind the sun
when separate souls are one
who can say?

Verse 3:
I'm gonna stay with you and watch the days go by
Far into the morning hours where the sunlight cannot hide
Won't you let my give you what your daddy wouldn't let you
Won't you let me free your love that's locked so deep inside

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