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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Peace of Mind

Lyrics Not Available

verse 1:
Sun's coming up it begins to shine old man river by the waterside
Look out my window and all I can see is a face in the river
smiling back at me

verse 2:
Four long years have passed us by, suprising they go so fast
Many times I've had myself but the memories they will last
Listen to the radio, I listen to TV
I listen to the wind and it has got a tune for me
It tells me take what you can find while you've still got the time
stick around i'll be around, but try to find some peace of mind.

Honey you are my shining star
baby, you're my river, but i can only float so far
baby you're a mountain and I will always climb that high
Baby, you're my blue sky

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