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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Rocking Chair

verse 1:
Things are moving, time is rolling on
the road is rolling out before us
You've been proving that life's a sweeter song
I think we've gotten to the chorus

We're turning back the clocks
We're changing all the locks
We'll let the wind blow through our hair
I'll give you everything
sapphire and ruby rings,
mountains, trees, and open air
I'm gonna buy you a rocking chair

verse 2:
I'm a dreamer, a steady rolling man
I like to play the hand I'm given
You're a thinker, a hard working girl
you like to know this world we live in

verse 3:
I've been a player, making all the moves,
hoping we don't lose our faces
You're like the dealer, you keep this house on track
making sure our deck is stacked with aces

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