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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Lyrics by Zac Matthews, music by Zac Matthews and John McGaraghan

Verse 1
There is war in this said peace
Victim, victors, slaughtered beasts
There is violence and police
you cannot live in peace until you

Spread the word, hear the call
We're leaving, any and all
Drop the mundane, leave the insane
and run, run, run, run, run, run, run with me.

Verse 2
Sing this form and that one too
your word alone is not credible
now some money here and there
if we're not liable, we don't care


Verse 3
The IRS, the FBI,
the AEIOU and Y
Big Brother is in the sky
You and I we must


Verse 4
Lawyers, judges, courts and suits
Prison breast each dying youth
death to angels, twisted truth
lack of trust, need of proof


Help is on the way
Freedom is the word that I say
Follow me into serenity
Sing a song and live in peace today
Into the woods let us run away
... run away ...

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