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Don No One

Intro / Coda:
He asked me "where are you going?"
and "have you no load?"
I answered "nowhere in particular,"
"but I can't seem to find the right road"
He said "I'm cursed you know with that same affliction"
"and it's the worst thing i know."
"So why don't we stick together,"
"and we'll be together to nowhere wherever we go."

Verse 1
He is Don No One, he's nobody's father
he fills himself with his empty ways
he is everywhere

Verse 2
No One is calm and he is quiet tonight
he is silent, waiting, wanting to say something
nobody's silent plea meets a wall of silent
silent suffering

Verse 3
Don No One is terrified he will cease to exist
he tries sometimes to be somebody in vain
but he disappears again into the limbo
from whence he came

Verse 4
Nobody is the emptiness we never fill
an omission ever present, another void not worth touching
We created no one by denying someone and now, we are nothing

Verse 5
If we are all nobody then none of us exists
nobody's shadow spreading out and choking field and fen
and the silence
comes back to rule again

together to nowhere wherever we go
together to nowhere wherever we go
together to nowhere wherever we go

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