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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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No Last Goodbyes

verse 1:
Wake up in the morning and get out of bed
not recognizing the feeling
of living alone with that word in my head
one last goodbye...

verse 2:
Staring at the mirror and leaning on the sink
not recognizing the face that greets me
no time to wonder, no energy to think
no last goodbyes...

bridge 1:
This is the time to walk out on the weak limb
This is the time to test the strength within
To find what's mine, to get to know my friends again
and to finally recognize
that these may be our last goodbyes

verse 3:
walk out in the morning and greet the new day
not recognizing the sunrise
no plan to follow, no map to show the way
no last goodbyes...

bridge 2:
This is the time to test my spirit and my soul
to challenge my resolve and set some new goals
To find a piece of something that's mine alone to hold
and to try to close my eyes
because these may be our last goodbyes

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