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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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My Oh My

verse 1:
Went down to the races to lay my money down
My streak of bad luck ended when that filly brought my luck around
Went up to a mountain top to see what I could see
I smiled across the valley at a mountain smiling back at me

chorus 1:
My oh, me oh my, I felt like I could touch the sky
My oh, mercy me, there 'aint no better sight to see
Than a mountain smiling back at me

verse 2:
Went to the city to see a friend of mine
Storm clouds were a'brewing, but I found my friend a'feeling fine
Went out to a tavern and stayed up half the night
it could have been the whiskey but it felt like we did something right

chorus 2:
My oh, mercy me, I felt like I was finally free
My oh, me oh my, there 'aint no better way to die
Than knowing life 'aint passed you by

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