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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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verse 1:
By and by I see the sun shine and I smile
By and by I feel the rain fall
I will run that race and walk and extra mile
To write my name up on that white wall

My name is the highway
My face is etched in the road
My legacy's a song
My name is the ocean
My face is etched in the sand
My legacy's a mile along a trail off in the mountains

verse 2:
By and by my car starts creaking when I turn
By and by crank the music
I can try but I can't make the past return
To live again and just refuse it

My name is disappointment
My face is tracked out with tears
My legacy's a lie
My name is misdirection
My face is riddled with the blame
My legacy's the fallout from another bad decision

I want to leave something behind
Leave something of myself behind

verse 3:
By and by my joints start squeaking and I sigh
By and by I take some aspirin
Time goes by, my muscles weaken and I cry
I'm all right, but thanks for asking

My name is the sunset
My face is etched in the sky
My legacy's the dawn
My name is a mountain
My face is etched in the stone
My legacy is a star in a southern constellation


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