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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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In The Lee Of The Stone

verse 1:
venus wander all alone,
taking pride in things she’s grown.
Rough and ready, fancy flown,
the leeward wind will smoothe that stone

    Smoothe....smoothe that stone; Smoothe....smoothe that stone
    Smoothe....smoothe that stone; Smoothe....did you smoothe that stone?

verse 2:
venus find a loving guide,
to take her to a place to hide.
Rules she wrote and he complied,
the wander ever, aimless died.

    Died, it died, it died, it died, it
    Died, it died, it died....

verse 3:
Time they had, and time rolled on,
the latter fast, former all but gone.
Follow night, now, hide from dawn.
You play your queen to save your pawn that pawn; that pawn that pawn; Save....did you save that pawn?

verse 4:
Whither will her path now go,
follow past or new love know?
Turn you collar to the wind and snow....

See in yourself
  see....and believe
How you need someone else relieve
To shelter you from the storm ride...out...that...storm
Be your rock, and keep you warm
  to hide....and keep you warm

And a new seed can be sown
  In this place....
And a new herb can be grown
  with your grace....
And a new love can be known
  when you face....the lee of the stone

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