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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Hole In Me

verse 1:
When you were a candle, I was the flame.
Flickering and fading, always
with the breath of every breeze that came.
And when the wind had passed, I used to burn more brightly.
But long ago expired the fuel
to feed the fading flicker back to light

verse 2:
You used to be a river and I was your bed.
You washed me clean and set me free,
I wandered ever where your current led.
But now I am a canyon, as wide as I am deep.
You washed away the passion
with the love you tried to take for yours to keep.

bridge 1:
I feel that I am empty, spent of love I used to be.
And love I had a'plenty, no, but ne'er enough for thee.
I'm salvaging this shell so I can find a love to fill this hole in me.

verse 3:
You sit out by the ocean, admiring a shell;
an ear to hear your dreams of love
and secrets that you're brave enought to tell.
And turning your ear to it, the words begin to flow,
telling you a tale of love
and secrets, that it's proud enough to know.

bridge 2:
But the candle can't burn brighter than the spark that gives it flame.
And the canyon only speaks a fading echo of your name.
The ear that hears is no more than a cold and empty shell....
...and a voice it lost so long ago breathes
one last word of love to wish you well....

...and a voice it lost so long ago breathes
one last word of love to wish you well....

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