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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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verse 1:
A vision of an angel,
a smile that's heaven-sent
You've got a soft facade,
but I can't make a dent
Standing on the sidewalk now,
I hold a stranger's hand
I never felt alone
until this carpet ride began

    I'm so high . . .
    . . . and I don't want to say goodbye

verse 2:
A mane of golden sunshine,
you smile and hypnotize
I'm swimming in the unknown depths
of blue behind your eyes
For you I would do anything,
I'd take you back inside
searching for the things you'd lost
and the things you couldn't hide

    You're so high . . .
    . . . I hope that you don't want to say goodbye

    This well's gone dry . . .
    . . . I guess we'll never get to say goodbye

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