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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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The Ferryman

verse 1:
See the moonlight on the delta,
and watch the sun rise.
Where's moon and what is sunlight?
I beg you don't you close your eyes.

verse 2:
Listen to the river running,
hear the music sing.
Where the moonlight meets the sunshine,
is where commotion rings.

bridge 1:
What is it, what did I do,
Did I disturb the peace?
Why can't we live together,
Why can't we live as three?

verse 3:
Feel the cool breeze whip and bluster,
trust in heart and mine.
When we're finally together,
we'll roll the good times.

bridge 2:
Let me in and open up the door,
'cause there's nothing left to stop me anymore.
After losing all you pride and losing every place to hide,
I need a friend the more.

verse 4:
Come the sunset on the water,
twilight digging deep.
I'll wait until the River's daughter
softly sings the nearing night to sleep.

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