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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Easy For You

verse 2:
Once she slept beside me,
now we both spend colder nights.
Once she tried to hide me,
‘till she conquered her fear to reach new heights.
Our love, neat and tidy,
was marred by the scourge of untold lies.
Unresolved, apart before she tried me,
a letter shared the words behind her eyes.

Easy for you to hold me tight.
Oh so easy for you to say goodnight.
Don't again betray the trust I've given only you,
next time we'll be through....

This will be the last time I forgive you,
so let it be the last truth that you hide.

verse 2:
Love is the only gift worth giving,
and I assure you yours is met with mine.
Truth is the only life worth living,
and I swear I've lied to you for my last time.
Know that I take your forgiveness as a blessing,
a punishment that does not fit the crime.
I pen the words that I know that I must sing,
I've heard your words, now please listen to mine.

I know it's hard for you to hold me tight.
Hard to rest your mind and say goodnight.
I won't again betray the trust you've given only me,
this time you'll see....

This will be the last time that I hurt you,
the last time that I give you cause to cry.
You've given me your last ounce of forgiveness,
and I've given you my last pound of lies.
This will be the last truth that I hide.

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