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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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California Country
lyrics by Tanya Brown, Koralie Hill, John McGaraghan, and Mike McGaraghan

Too much hat and not enough cattle
Too much car seat, not enough saddle
Too far gone, but not too drunk to dream
I'm just living this California Country scene

Too much rock and not enough roll
Too much talk and not enough soul
Not enough time to walk a country mile
I'm just living in California Country style

Too much house, not enough room
too much light, not enough moon,
too far gone, but i know we're almost there
I'm just livin in that California Country air

Too much talking, not enough done
just wanna sing and play in the sun
I hear the call of the busy rat race
But I'll keep running the California Country pace

Too much lovin, not enough time
too few reasons to match this rhyme
stickin with the folks I know who will be true
My California Country pals, that's you

Too much time and not enough miles
Too much work and not enough smiles
But it's not to late to come back home today
I'm just living the California Country way
But it's not to late to come back home to stay
I'm just living the California Country way

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