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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Better Days

verse 1:
The sun it sets again
on another cloudy day.
I think about the time I spent
and the time that I let slip away.
Stars tonight won't tell a thing,
obscured behind the haze.
How will I ever find my way out of this maze?
I've seen better days.

verse 2:
There's something here worth listening to
but there's not that much to say.
I smoke some grass and I skip my class,
but it's just to pass the time away.
How will I ever hope
to rid my head of this craze?
Life, how do I love you?
Oh, let me count the ways;
but I've seen better days.

verse 3:
I wake again to find myself,
my thoughts are far away.
It might have been another time,
but now it just can't be that way.
Thoughts of Sunshine fill my mind,
I can't recant my praise.
That Sun set some time ago,
I long again to feel those rays,
but I've seen better days.
Yes I've seen better days.

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