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The Music: Lyrics & Lead Sheets

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Been So Long

verse 1:
I saw you on the street the other day
Caught her eye when she turned and smiled and looked my way
it'd been so long since i'd seen her, I asked her how she'd been
she just looked in to my eyes and she kissed me once again

I said:

It's been so long since I've seen you
you know i love to see you smile
Been so long since I've talked with you
come on let's chat a while
been so long that i've been gone
did you ever think of me
she asked "do you still love me?"
I said "Come on home, you'll see."

verse 2:
We talked about the times at a coffee shop on down the street
I thought about our college days when we came home to meet.
I'd take her up in to my arms "I love you" is all she'd say
we'd go home and sit alone and talk the night away

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