Summertime in California
Am . . . Am . . . G . . . G . . . x3
Am . . . Am . . . G . . . E . . . 

verse 1:
verse 1:
Am                 C
Fortune's here for all to seek
G                      F
Her coastal range that falls between
Am              G       D
The fault lines and the fire
Am            C
Many men have dared to dream
C                     F
and came out west for gold and green
Am       A   D
Devotion and desire

chorus: (lead in: F . . . G . . . C)
C             G          F
Summertime in California
Am    G            F
Don't say I didn't warn ya
C              G
You can try to hide away
D                F
try to fight but it won't let ya
C          G        F   
California Summer's gonna get ya, 
           Am . . . G . . . F . . . E . . .
it's gonna get ya.

verse 2:
I have been a miner there
the 49ers' veins laid bare
but I dug up a dream
golden shoulders, sun bleached hair
now the gold's just in the air
it's good livin' in the seam

verse 3:
Poison oak grows underneath
shade of Live oak, branch and leaf
I just walk around
Redwoods rise and mountains sleep
meadow grass grows soft and deep
I lay my body down

© John McGaraghan