The Spaces Between

Intro Vamp:  | E . . F#min | . . . | x4

verse 1:
E             F#min
You gave me a preview,
E              F#min
but I couldn't see you.
E                A          B (descending bass down to E)
The night was as black as a bible.
E                   F#min
I listened for your voice there,
E                         F#min
and heard nothing but the noise of the night
E            A         B
which was as loud as a revival.

G# ->
A                                E        G#
But I see you in the shadow of a mountain.
E                           E     G#
I hear you in the echo of a dream.
I find you in the faces,
touch you in the traces,
F#min                       E       F#min
and sense you in the spaces between.

verse 2:
Through all this yellin
I don't hear nothing.
It makes me want to cover my ears.
But you got my attention
when you whispered your intentions.
It made me want to strain so I could hear.

© John McGaraghan