verse 1:
D          Bmin   A/C#     D
Honey, are you suprised to see
that it's me?
D      Bmin   A/C#    D
Honey, it suprised me too
             A      D
To find it's you...
   G      A and you

verse 2:
Honey I'm the ocean kissing all your shores
and I'm yours
Honey you're the heather and the wild mountain thyme
and you're mine...
...'till the end of time

   G                 A        G                     A
In spring we plant a seed, we don't know what we're planting
   G              A              G       A
In fall we reap a harvest -- the king of harvests:
G  A  Bmin A/C#  D
Love,  and eternity

verse 3:
Honey on the highway, there's heaven in your smile
Mile after mile (after mile)
And honey when you're laughing it's music in my ears
Year after year...
...after year after year


verse 4:
Honey in our twilight, when we're moving on
to the great beyond
Honey will you follow, again to take my hand?
For love without end...
...Without end


© John McGaraghan