Emma Frances
3/4 time

verse 1:
F          C/A       G    (G-C-G)
Good night my little angel
F               C/A             G  (G-C-G)
good night, and sweet dreams to you
F              C/A         G     (G-C-G)
and if you can fathom your father
E                            Amin      AminM7      Amin7  D
you will have done more than ever your uncle could do
| F . . | G . . | C . . | . . . |

verse 2:
Good luck my little angel
good luck, you've got a good start
because i know your mother and father
and i don't know anyone else who has got as much heart

    F             Fmin        C
and I know you'll follow your dreams
F             Fmin       C            G/B     
I know you'll follow the laughter and courage
       Amin        AminM7       Amin7   D
that's coded there deep in your genes
F  G           C
you've got the means

© John McGaraghan