NOTE: EmM7 = E Minor, Major 7

Double Down

vamp: G . . . D Am . . C G/B Am D/F# G
verse 1:
G          D   Am    G
Out on the highway today

G          D    Am               C       D
Wind in my hair and it's blowing my way
G              D  Am      G
Thinking about taking the high road
G              D    Am    C         D
Thinking about turning my gaze to tomorrow
G          D    Am       G
Turning my path onto the western way
G          D    Am     C              D
Burning my bridges not thinking about yesterday
                Em     EmM7       Em7         A
      And there aint a safe place left in the world
                 C                        D
      To keep my sails to the wind and my flags unfurled
                Em     EmM7  Em7          A
      And there aint a table left in this town
               C                   D                   
      Where my aces are high and I win when I double down.


verse 2:
Fearing the force of the fall
Clearing my name may take more than a phone call
Wandering the void of my redemption
Wishing for a miracle, reprieve, or exception
Wondering when karma will catch up with me
Floundering but facing the truth of my reality

      There aint no way that things could get darker
      And there aint no way I can pay all my markers
      There aint no way but to take to the road
      And I'm ready to burst and I'm fit to unload
      'Cause betting on you won me the biggest debt that I've ever owed.

verse 3:
Turning my back on my history
Turning my past into a mystery
Bearing the burden of mistakes I've made
Tearing the heart out of songs I've played
Finding the faults in what I thought was true
Filling up the spaces that I made for you

      'Cause there ain't no place left now that I'd rather turn
      So I'll stand here and watch while my last memories burn
      And there ain't nothing left here that I need to say
      And I got one more lonely note left to play
      Cause love it or leave it, I'm over you
      I don't care if you believe it but I swear it's true
      Don't mourn it or grieve it 'cause I'm taking my leave of you today

© John McGaraghan