D - D - A - G
D - A - G - G

verse 1:
D                      A                       Bm
I should have danced a new step, or sung a new song
like that midnight yodeling that lasts the whole night long.
D                       A                          Bm
I should have heard her running and coming back to stay
to take me and change me and bury me away.
D                     A             Bm
I should have seen it coming a mile away
but my eyes have been blind until today

D                   G
Don't you think it's funny how
D                  G
hindsight's always 20/20 and how
D             A                               Bm
answers never seem to come a'knocking at your door.
G                                A                D
They seem to know when you ain't looking anymore.


verse 2:
Force of habit is stronger than force of will
but still I've got this...
I've got all this will power
it's coming out my ears 'til I can't hear but I've got
I've got all these habits hanging around
they've been hanging on me, and pulling me down

straight into (no intro) solo over verse changes and build up to
end with 2nd half of intro

© John McGaraghan